This course examines human-computer interaction and focuses on all aspects of user interface (UI) + user experience (UX) design. We will explore the basic fundamentals involved in designing digital products, mobile applications, and websites.

The set-up of this course will be team-based. Each student will be split up into teams of six (the founding teams) and will be assigned to create a startup digital product in the form of a phone app, tablet app or web app/website.


Instructor: Jacques H. Bastien
Email: Jbastien@albany.edu
Phone: (347) 623 - 2548

Office hours: Tuesdays 10:15AM - 11:15AM

CEO of boogie  /  Founder of SHADE  /  Founder of Breadcrumbs  /  Writer at JacquesBastien.com

This website is meant to be a quick source guide. All course materials can be found on Podio.